Historical Facts That You Don't Know

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History is littered with wars, famines, and plagues, but it isn't cruel. It is what we have created. So, if anyone is malicious and wicked, it's them. The past is simply... uninteresting. An open book that begs to be read. Alternatively, a Twitter account in this scenario.

'Archaeo - Histories,' run by Dr. Mohammad Firoz Khan, is an interesting small web initiative that delivers easy-to-digest educational morsels. The name "archaeo" implies that the story focuses on ancient civilizations, and while this is accurate for the most part, it occasionally includes a more recent event, person, or relic. Continue reading to see some of the most fascinating tweets from 'Archaeo - Histories'.









Archaeology and history have a deep link, according to Joshua Wilkey, a historian, college administrator, amateur homesteader, and writer. Both disciplines are intertwined.

"The archaeological record is basically the only historical source material we have for various periods of time. As a result, it is critical to use the things left behind as a method of attempting to better comprehend a certain ancient society, particularly for historical times and societies for which there is little residual written record."

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