Dying is illegal in these 7 places

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Dying is inevitable and a normal component of life. No matter how difficult you try, you can't eliminate this. However, in some parts of the particular world, death is very illegal. That would have thought that even dying would be a problem?

Here are usually 7 places in the world exactly where death is forbidden;

1. Saplunks, france

In 2008, the mayor of Sarpourenx banned residents from dying unless these people already had a burial site within a crowded cemetery. Sarpourenx was actually forbidden to think about death, plus was severely punished.

2. Longyearbyen, Norwegian

Longyearbyen is near to the Arctic Group and the weather is generally freezing. This particular frigid temperature prevents the corpse through decomposing, which in turn boosts the distribute of disease to the living. Fatalities and burials have been banned within Longyearbyen since 1950. Nearly dead individuals were taken to other parts associated with Norway to spend their final times.

3. Lanjaron, Spain

Your head of this particular village in the province of Proyectil banned death in 1999. The prohibit was imposed because local cemeteries had been overcrowded, which makes it difficult for the spirits of the deceased to find serenity in the afterlife. Residents are encouraged to remain healthy until a new cemetery will be found.

4. Itsukushima, Japan

Itsukushima will be a UNESCO World Heritage Site within Japan dedicated to worshipping the gods. Also known as "Shrine Island", it really is home to many shrines and wats or temples. To keep its sanctity and sanctity, Shrine Island has not allowed death or even birth for more than 30 many years. In fact, there are no private hospitals or cemeteries in this part associated with Japan.

5. Celia, Italia

In 2015, Sellia passed a decree prohibiting the citizens from even getting sick. The particular decree was passed to safeguard Celia's detoriorating population. People are asked to withstand death and maintain a healthy way of life.

6. Cunot, France

In 2007, the particular mayor of Cugnaux banned the dying for failing to obtain permission in order to open a new cemetery. However, Cugnaux was later granted permission to increase its burial site.

7. Biritiba Mirim, Brazil

In 2005, the mayor associated with Biritiba-Mirim passed a law prohibiting occupants from dying on his land. Occupants who die against the law are usually sometimes fined or even jailed. The particular law was passed since the cemetery has been at capacity and graves were beginning to be shared.

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