“You Can't Compare Your Face To My Leg” Afia Schwarzenegger Has Replied Twene Jonas With More Fire


The young Ghanaian vlogger currently based in America who is known to speak against the leaders of this country has landed himself in trouble as he insulted Afia Schwarzenegger and called her name.

Recently, The young Ghanaian vlogger currently based in America has descended on Afia Schwarzenegger and called her the ugliest woman. He even said Afia Schwarzenegger gave birth to her twin through prostitutions.

The battle between Afia Schwarzenegger and Twene Jonas has begun as Afia Schwarzenegger has finally reply Twene jonas.

According to a video posted by Afia Schwarzenegger, she claims Twene Jonas doesn't have rent in America in a form of question. She said, Twene Jonas can not even compare his face to her leg when we talk about beauty.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she owns her personal house, owns a company, and has workers which she paid them therefore Twene jonas should also shows her own and let see as he also called him homeless person. She continued by saying she has never had an affair with any leader of this country as Jonas claimed.

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