John Mahama Boldly Sends Another ‘Strong’ Message To Akufo-Addo Over Taxes And Causes Massive Stir


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The former President and flag bearer of the largest opposition party, John Mahama has recently caused massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms after boldly sending a strong message to government over taxes and increasing cost of living in the country.

The former President took to social media to celebrate the “May Day” with Ghanaian workers as he unexpectedly took the privilege to react to Akuffo-Addo’s government over tax increment and just to mention but a few.

“Today is May Day. Unfortunately, in Ghana we are going through unbearable hardship and suffering from an ever-increasing cost of living. An increase in existing taxes and introduction of new ones takes effect from today, May Day”, John Mahama emphatically stated.

Aside addressing the impending increment in the cost of living and taxes as he claimed Ghanaian citizens would experience more hardship in the coming years, John Mahama also took the privilege to call upon President Akuffo Addo to stretch a hand of corporation to all Ghanaians able to play a role in preventing the country’s economy from failing whilst improving upon the livelihood of its citizens.

Below is a look at the recent strong message from John Mahama that has sparked massive reactions online.

Do you think Ghana will experience hardship due to increase in taxes and orders as claimed by the former President, John Mahama?

If yes, what do you think President Akuffo Addo should implement to improve the livelihood of Ghanaians aside increment in taxes?

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