My pastor has been paying my light bills for 3 months now. Is it a sin to honour him with my fruit?


Sarah is my name. A 28 year old lady, living in Bekwai, in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

I have completed tertiary for a year now, and since I have not been employed, I have established a small business that I sell cloths, women shoes, watches, bracelet etc, and all came into being as a result of the friendship that I have with my church pastor.

My church pastor is called pastor John, and when I completed my tertiary education, he called me and asked me, my next step in life. I told him that, I am waiting for the government to post me, because I offered nursing at college.

He told me to start something small, since I will be in the house, doing nothing, and waiting for my posting, so he gave me money to start my business. After that, he has been paying my light and water bills for three months now.

Although, he has not requested anything from me, but if I check how he is helping me, I want to show him my appropriate by offering him my forbidden fruit. He is not married yet.

I don't have money to buy something precious to show him my appreciation, so I have decided to offer him just one hot round of my forbidden fruit. Please should I do it?

I need your comments.