Thunder Strikes a Person to Death in Molo

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Death is something normal but very painful when it occurs. It gives the people of the loved ones deep pain.

A family is in deep sorrow following the death of their loved one who was killed by a thunderstorm while he was working at the construction site.

According to credible news source, the incident occurred at around 12:30 pm of today in Molo county.

Many have said that that thunder strike was of evil forces, "Hiyo ni Mapepo ya mchana Kabisa, yaani radi kutwanga mchana. Some revealed that they saw something that they have never seen since they were born.

According to the family, the man was everything to the family, he was very hardworking man who was paying school fees for his children.

The body of the man was taken the mortuary as postmortem is being prepared to be conducted.

People have been warned to keep them away from heavy rains that are currently being experienced in the region.

What a big lose, may his soul rest in peace.

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