Netizens React To Two Different Photos Of Nairobi City In Two Different Views


Nairobi City has been referred to the city under the sun for it's glorious view, and being renowned for the Game Park located in the heart of the city.

Once governed under the Nairobi County council, President Uhuru Kenyatta made some reshuffling and appointed General Mohamed Badi and the Nairobi Metropolitan Service to be in charge of some part of the big city.

The Nairobi Metropolitan Service have made huge difference on the City as several major developments have been worked on as well as creation of more job opportunities to youths.

However, renowned blogger Cyprian Is Nyakundi shared two different photos of Nairobi city questioning the work of the Nairobi Metropolitan Service.

The photo on the left shows a glamorous city from a raised view, while the picture in right shows the real image of Nairobi city which is like a dump site.

Netizens took their time to react to the photos which the blogger claimed that the NMS has failed terribly. Take a look at some reactions:

Do you think General Badi and the NMS are failing in their duty?