CCTV camera caught a teacher for doing this whilst he was teaching.


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The Constitution of a country is said to the fundamental laws over which a country is established, grant to all citizens the right and privilege to be educated.

Education is said to be the slightest hammer that breaks the yoke of ignorance and also the only key to success.

Therefore the wish of every parent is to educate his or her children so that they will become prominent in the society one day.

Some parents sometimes help teach their children at home after they come back from school just to help their children understand everything faster. They sometimes employ a teacher to have an extra classes with their children at mostly in the evening.

A picture trending on the internet today has to do with a teacher who was caught by CCTV camera doing it with a student he is having classes with.

In the picture it could be seen clearly that the attention of the teacher has been snatched by the outfit of the female student.