Meet the two beautiful families; The Muraya's and The Bahati's(photos).


1. The Muraya's

Dj Mo and Size 8 as they say the Muraya's. They are parents of two children; Ladasha Belle Wambui and Muraya Junior. The parents described Junior as a great blessing to them because he came when they least expected. They tied a knot back in 2013.

Size 8 before being married by Samuel Muraya she was singing secular music. After their knot with the Gospel Dj she changed to gospel music industry. Of which she has released a number of gospel songs and also the collabos.

The transformation of Size 8 life she count it as a blessing through meeting Dj Mo. Up to date the two are growing up in love and what they preach it's all about salvation.

2. The Bahati's

Kevin Kioko Bahati mostly know as Bahati and the Luo wife Diana Marua , the two have Baby Heaven and Baby Majesty. Bahati is said to be a father of four children. Two for Diana ,one for baby mama Yvette Obura, Mueni and one adopted boy child, Morgan.

Surprisingly, Bahati's life story proofs that all dreams are valid no matter where one comes from.Bahati has managed to outshine many musicians in the gospel music industry.

Bahati's net worth is estimated to be millions of Kenya shillings. He lives in a lavish lifestyle and drives expensive cars which proofs that he gets alot from music industry.

The two families shows that their love life is going through smoothly.Their photos talks more about them.

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