A Lady and I Dated One Particular Guy unknowingly and He was Very Good to the Both of Us - Lady

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They say all men are cheats and hardly stay with a particular lady but that's not entirely true. There are some men out there still who love their woman, care for them and willing to make sure things work out between the both of them. At those times they are together, the man tries as much as he can to give the lady the best treat life has got to offer, making her a Queen and Princess at same time that she wouldn't be willing to let go of him. If by chance they happen to break up, the lady will at all times remember him by the amount of love he showered on her. And for these kind of men, they still go ahead to shower such love to other ladies out there, leaving good remarks about himself where those ladies are.

A lady by name Mercy had praised her ex boyfriend Damola whom she claimed was very good to her while they dated even though she was just 17 years old then. Later they had to separate because she entered school and the distance therein. She expressed how good the man was to him even though they aren't together anymore and how she missed him.

She came back later to express that another lady whom she didn't know from Adam saw the tweet and tagged the Demola of a guy to the tweet as her own ex boyfriend, as she thinks the characteristics of the guy Mercy mentioned was same as her own ex boyfriend Damola, but little did she know they were both talking about same guy.

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Always be good to any lady or body you meet out there for you don't know what life has to offer later. You never can tell whom you may need or need you afterwards.

Be kind, be like Demola or better 😁!

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