Policemen in Delta Forced To Refund N1.2m Extorted From Innocent Man After Being Exposed

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Policemen In Delta Forced To Refund N1.2m Extorted From Innocent Man After Being Exposed By Human Rights Group

The Saharawi reporters pointed out that the incident, which occurred along the Asaba international airport, ended with the transfer by the IGP force of the money to the victim's account following the rapid intervention of the executive director of the Foundation for Human Rights "Behind Bars", Harrison Gwamnishu.

The Inspector General of the Police Special Tactical Unit, Delta State Command, was arrested on Saturday by members of the Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation after extorting 1.2 million N from an innocent victim.

Sahara reporters said the incident, which occurred along the Asaba International Airport, prompted the IGP force to return the money to the victim's account after a quick intervention by the executive director of the Human Rights Foundation Behind Bars, Harrison Gwamnishu.

Gwamnishu told our correspondent about the incident and said his team had received a complaint from a state resident that he had been arrested by the IGP Special Tactical Task Force, which reports to Delta State Police Command, without having committed a crime. 

He said: "On Saturday, we received a complaint from a Delta State Police officer that he was arrested by the Special Tactical Task Force of Delta State Police Command, Asaba, without having committed a crime.    

 He was arrested in front of Asaba International Airport and his phone was confiscated.    

 He was denied access to his phone, but was subjected to torture.

"The IGP team opened his phone and saw a balance of N1,250,000 and ordered him to pay, otherwise he would be killed like the kidnapper.    

 No statement was taken from him, he was not even taken to a police station.    

 After many threats the team gave him an account number and transferred N1.2 million to the team.

"When my organization heard the story, we acted by first informing the Delta State Police Commissioner, who disapproved of the development.    

 I gave him details about the officers and he asked me to visit his base of operations and report back to him.

"When the Inspector General of the Special Tactical Unit of the Police arrived at the base of operations of the IGP team with the victim, the Commander of the Special Tactical Unit of the Police introduced his officers to identify the victim, and identified all the members of the team.   

  From there I took over the team after they denied the victim's N1.2 million extortion, but later accepted it and the money was immediately returned to the victim's account.

While drawing the attention of the IGP to the criminal activities of some of its police officers, Gwamnishu condemned the act and called for the immediate prosecution of the corrupt police officers.

In the details of the transaction seen by our correspondent, the team made the remittance of N1.2 million from three different bank accounts to the victim in three instalments of N500,000, N500,000 and N200,000, 

while in a video recorded in the IGP team's operations office and obtained by Saharawi reporters, the team was seen and heard appealing to Gwamnishu to cover up his crime.

Efforts to talk to the public relations officer of the Delta State Police, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, on the subject were unsuccessful, as calls to his mobile phone number were not answered.

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