Fans Of Barcelona And Madrid Pen Down Agreement Ahead Of El Classico Which Can Lead Them To Court


Fans of Bacelona and Madrid has decided to go on agreement ahead of El Classico which can lead them to court.

This two teams are known as the best football teams in Spain. Fans of this two teams has pen down agreement that the loser will buy food for the winner for 3 good months starting from 12 April to 12 July.

"In the event that Bacelona wins the El Classico, SAM KAY will buy lunch (Food) for DA VINCI for three (3) consecutive months stating from starting from 12 April,2021to -Monday 12 July, 2021.

"Again should Real Madrid win the El Classico DA VINCI will buy lunch (Food) for SAM KAY stating from starting from 12 April, 2021 to -Monday 12 July, 2021."

"The food is subject to what ever the person feels like eating each day, however food should not exceed GHC 20 per day."

According to the agreement failure go by the agreement can result in the issue proceeding to court of law.

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