So a woman is an expense hey? That is why l remain single."A gentleman cries out.

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I believe that there is nothing that beats being in love with someone you truely care about and living everyday for them. Whatever you do for that person should never feel like an expense, but rather you should aspire to do more for that person.

At the same time l also think one should not treat their girlfriend like a prostitute, you should not just throw money at her all the time , is she a prostitute ?

I am not saying that you shouldnt treat her well and if you can afford it spoil her from time to time with a gift or a special meal etc. But do not just give her cash you sound like a door mat.

Ask yourself this. How often does she give me cash? How often does she spoil me ? All relationships are give and take.

One gentleman brought this matter to the spotlight after he posted this.👇🏾

A lot of people responded to post by throwing all sorts of different comments regarding this matter, some people felt sorry for the guy as his bank balance was left on zero.

The gentleman cries out that having a girlfriend is an expense, l guess it just depends on situations and how you look at them, you just need to strike a balance at everything you do.

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