5 Freemasonry Symbols You Need To Know (Freemason Constitution)

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Well, in this article, we shall look into Masonic symbols used in the lodges for both members and entered apprentices as the constitution of Freemasons says.

1. Freemasonry square and compass. Today, the square and the compass are used as symbols for engineering. These two things were used by those who created the Freemasonry. The tools in masonry remind members of humility and the recognition of their origin so that they may help others too. The symbol comes with the letter G at the center as it acts as the emblem of the Grand Master. G, in this case, means God and Grand Meter.

2. Freemasonry Level. This is another symbol used by the Masons. The level is an instrument for measuring and leveling walls. In Freemasonry, the symbol is used to keep not only justice but also firm equality. So, each Freemason member must preach this to each other as they all have the same rights and duties making them equal to the fraternity.

3. Freemasonry Ladder. Besides reminding us of the Illuminati Obelisk and the Pyramid, it also leads the Freemasons to raise through its efforts and connectivity. This means that Freemasonry does not exist without us doing our part. As one goes up, the other holds the ladder, and so on. In short, this means that brotherhood and humility must be present for the rise of social groups.

4. Freemasonry Mosaic Pavement. The mosaic in this case shows nothing more than the pavement. The pavement alters between both black and white colors. This means we go through both the doctrines of positive and negative and every compliment of life to bring perfect harmony.

5. Freemasonry Lambskin Apron. This is the most iconic symbol of the fraternity. It acts not only as a badge for the Masons but also as a tool. The lambskin apron is said to be more honorable than the Roman Eagle or the Golden Fleece. This is a Masonic badge carried by any Masonic bet to the next level of existence. As celebrated in both Prose and Poetry, this symbol is the initial gift of the Freemason candidate and at the end of his mortal pilgrimage, it is placed on his mortal remains and buried with his body in the grave.

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