Deloris Frimpong popularly known as delay celebrates the 13th anniversary of the Delay Show

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Deloris frimponng Manso popularly know as delay, is an entrepreneur, television and TV host, producer, public speaker, and a woman advocates in Ghana, deloris frimpong known as delay is also the founder of the delay show Ghana,

which is one of the best TV show in Ghana that people don't like to miss out on, because delay show is really fun to watch,and when it comes to delay show she make you laugh till your hearts content,true her question

well I come across this post on her Instagram page where she share how Excited and happy she is,she wrote I am very excited about life and many opportunities and blessings,

That has been given to me she also posted,the delay shows turn 13years this week,

delay fans is the delay show Anniversary wish them well and also give them your support by commenting and likes,show them how much you love and appreciate the delay show let them know how entertaining they have been this past year,

Happy 13years Anniversary to the Delay show

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