Lamiez lambast social media trolls

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Lamiez Holworthy, a seasoned TV and radio presenter who is often tormented on social media, has spoken out about how social media cannot ruin her because it did not build her. "Everything appears to be perfect on social media. You'd think I had it everything and had it easy, but the truth is I'm not from a wealthy family. I had intended to major in entertainment law, but life intervened. "When I was in grade 11, my family lost everything," she explained.

"My mother was laid off and couldn't afford to pay for my education." "Overnight, things went from good to horrible." My mother was also the one who advised I try deejaying, knowing how much I like music. She could tell I was upset since I was at home."

Her mother had to pick between paying the energy bill and buying her headphones, according to the Metro FM host. "My family's sacrifices to sit in the dark a little longer so that I may follow my love for music is what inspires me to work as hard as I do today," Lamiez said.

"While it appears to be simple, none of this happened overnight. It took me 12 years to create, with the support of my mother, who also manages me. This woman is responsible for all I am, have, and have created. "My resilience comes from being bullied because I'm darker than my siblings and being called the most derogatory names by strangers, including racist family members," she stated.

My strength stems from the fact that I worked so hard with nothing but a dream." She went on to say that, as dark, awful, and toxic as social media is, it cannot break her. "I hope this serves as a reminder to everybody fighting out there that their time will come. "Block out the background noise and concentrate on yourself," she said.


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