Raila Wooing The Mountain Speaks On How DP Is A 'Deadbeat Father' Running Away From Responsibilities


Once again, politics overides church functions. Today, the Right Honourable has attended a church function in Murang'a, where he was accompanied by close allies like Junet Mohamed. Besides politics, he was praying to God not just for success in his political endeavours, but also for the mountain block to change their minds and return him, the long waited favour, votes, as a sign of his unequivocally support he provided to Kibaki in 2002 when presidential hopeful, Mwai Kibaki, was reduced to a wheelchair due to an accident.

The ODM leader has recalled his close association with Uhuru terming it a necessary one, and which was fruitful for the sake of Kenya as peace and growth was really desired.

"During that time, Raila speaks, "the country was divided due to the differences witnessed in the concluded 2017 presidential elections, there was need to unite, we said, Kenya is greater than any individual, that's why we came together to restore what was lost."

In his speech, he didn't fail to recognise the ills the deputy president has committed.

In Kiswahili tone, he said the following, 'Huyu bwana Ruto wamezaa mtoto na mwenzake alafu baada ya mtoto kuzaliwa, anakataa yeye, anasema si wake, anakataa mtoto, si huo ni unafiki?'

According to him, the second in command has neglected his due work and left all the responsibilities to Uhuru, the only and 'one parent'.

In addition to all these, there have been calls for his resignation, accusing him of the following, that it is wrong/unfair/unfit for a person to cut the cake and eat it, or throwing stones to the same house he lives in. Is it right for him to resign?

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