VIDEO: Lady With Huge Backside Causes Traffic At A Place; People Follow Her With Their Camera Phones

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Some ladies are gifted with huge backsides by God whiles others have flat buttocks. But because of hips and butts enlargement, ladies with flat buttocks go in for medical surgery so as to get big buttocks. The lady in your picture is heavily endowed with a huge backside that most people at the place said that they have not come across such a big butt before.

As the lady got to the place, all eyes were on her. As she begins to walk, the backside started shaking as if she was crazily twerking. Some people said that this is an oversized backside. Others said that this is an artificial backside. They argued that naturally, the lady is endowed but she has got additional enlargement through surgery.

In view of this, most of the people at the place started following her with their camera phones in other to record her huge backside. The place where this lady was captured seems to be an airport. Two security men, young guys among others were all captured holding their phones and recording this lady.

The lady with a huge backside has a friend who was trying to prevent the people from recording her but the people had their way out.

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