Fix The country campaigner beaten to death at Ejura


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Report coming in today from Orgasm news was not satisfying as an alleged fix the country campaigner is beaten to death at Ejura.

According to the reporter,the deceased who's real name is Mohammed Kaaka Ibrahim and popularly known as fix the country campaigner by the Ejura community death is not surprising to the people of the community.

The wife of the deceased who was interviewed by the reporter made a shocking revelation as to how some guys have been warning him about his act.

Here's what she said,"They told him to stop taking pictures of the bad roads,gutters and refuse sites of the area and posting it on social media to tarnish the image of the government.

They further made a threat to eliminate him if he continues to do what he has been doing.

I warned him severally that Ghana does not belong to him so he should stop but he didn't listen,now he's gone."

The reporter further asked if they heard anything and according to her,"they heard some voices in the evening and thought it was the goats that were disturbing not knowing he was the one that was being beaten by an unknown assailants.

May his soul rest in peace,and I pray the police bring this perpetrators to book.