George Koimburi Thanks Moses Kuria, DP Ruto for Helping Defeat Jubilee in Juja Constituency


George Koimburi of PEP has thanked the People Empowerment Party as well the deputy president William Ruto for helping him beat jubilee party in Juja by-election. According to Koimburi, he was in jubilee but was intimidated enough a reason he had to seek for help from Moses Kuria and DP Ruto who have really helped him a big way.

George Koimburi has proved lethal politically after putting jubilee party to its political oblivion in Mt Kenya region. He has stood firm and strong despite intimidation by people who though he would not make it as the Juja MP.

George Koimburi has won in Juja Constituency against all odds especially given Uhuru Kenyatta is the political Kingpin of Central Kenya region. Koimburi has been strong from day one strongly standing firm and hoping to to ensure his manifesto succeeds in Juja.

The win of George Koimburi has been termed as the start of lethal politics of the hustlers nation in Mt Kenya region. The defeat of jubilee party in Juja Constituency by-election has proved that Moses Kuria and George Koimburi have alot of support across all corners of Juja Constituency.

If the win of George Koimburi is a start to deminish Uhuru Kenyatta political hold of Central Kenya, time will tell. As it's however is that George Koimburi is the Juja MP starting today going forward into the 2022 elections.