It's Getting Scary At Apam As One Of The Buried Drowned Boys Visits Mother In A Dream


It's getting scary in the Central Region(Apam). Reports explaining how one teenager of Apam drowning victim’s spirit visits his mother in a dream to tell her that he’s not getting a place to sleep in the spiritual world."Mother revealed" 

"I'm not getting a place to sleep in the spiritual world and homeless"the spirit of the Apam drowning children visits his mother and explaining how the the rituals and sacrifices didn't favour him in the spiritual world. According to a report on Kingdom FM’s official Facebook page,

Report from Kingdom FM's official Facebook the deceased of one teenager's of Apam drowning spirit is crying and giving he's mother pressure to inform the chiefs and elders of the land to consult the gods and preform another rituals for him so that he can rest in peace because he's not getting a place to sleep in his new world.

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May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and find a resting place in his new world.

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