Top 5 Businesses you can start and get good profit.


1.Play station and movie shop

Many young people nower days who are the majority like to have fun during their free time . University students especially would prefer watching movie and playing FIFA or GTA games .this is one good area you should consider investing your money .movies cost atleast 30 ksh and series 50 ksh each.

With the play station the cost of playing one game is a minimum of 30 ksh and one game lasts for six minutes .

The capital for starting this business is relatively cheaper since you will only require about 30k for one play station and about 20k for a screen for a beginner .

2.Barber shop and saloon

This is another area that is booming currently with many people using its products and services especially in urban areas.this business doesn't require alot of capital to start since the cost for starting this kind of business is about 10k. This is an industry that will give you alot of profit provided you have the skills for providing the services.

3.Online marketing

Another area that is growing so fast .I this era a business that is not online is not doing business ,with the penetration of ICT to many parts of the country people are able to access services and products online ,which has made it easier for online marketing companies and those who offer the services . To invest in the industry you don't need more capital just a minimum of 5k.

4.Real estate

Many people think that for one to do this business he or she must have a bachelor's degree in real estate , that is not the case since currently many people who do this jobs are not certified but it only requires professionalism while attending to the customers needs .you need to be trust worthy in order to attract many customers . What you need to do is looking for a person selling a land or any property ask him or her to grant you the permission to look for a buyer and sell it in order to earn commission.


This is one area you won't regret your investment , all people in the world can't survive without eating . You only need to identify what people you are targeting like and with that try to use your skills into making delicious meals . This industry only requires a little amount of money of a about 10k