Wife Records Hubby As He Plays With His Female Colleague (Video)


Caught These 2 At It Again - Wife Records Hubby As He Plays With His Female Colleague (Video)

A Ghanaian politician and movie actor, John Dumelo's wife caught her husband playing with his female colleague, Nadia Buari and she recorded them, then shared it online with fans.

Mrs Dumelo, Gifty Mayunwa Nkornu found this moment very interesting and she couldn't let it pass away without video recorded them.

Mrs Dumelo's caption shows that this is not the first she's watching the both of them playing and this is not new to her. She says "caught these 2 at it again", and she tagged the both of them in this post. 

An old saying goes, “Surround yourself with the people you want to be like.” Successful people want to surround themselves with successful people. Optimists like to be around optimists. 

Finding a friend is easy but finding a true friend is very hard. Once you find it you better keep it for life because true friends are very hard to find. Sometimes we think we can have a true friend in our life but once the problem between the two of you came in you realize that your true friend is a fake friend.

The video featured John Dumelo, tucking her foot in his thigh, sitting on the couch with Nadia Buaria. Waving feet undoubtedly makes most people laugh just like the performer.

The post is expected to attract Nadia Buari and react with emoji. Check the following for your answer

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J-Dumelo and Nadia Buari are not couples, but they share wonderful times together although Dumelo is a married man. Aren't they wonderful?

Do you think, what's the funny scene?

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