Reactions As Photo Of This Mortuary Surfaces


Facebook users and netizens have been left reacting after photo of a mortuary pictured below was shared on Facebook.

Andrew Kyamagero shared the photo of the mortuary on Facebook. He captioned his post "Status of the mortuary in Terego district. Onyiiga nebikugwako. One of the area Maps is Obiga Kania, former State Minister for internal affairs, currently Minister of State for Lajds, Housing and Urban Development."

Screenshot of a post on Facebook by Andrew

Netizens have reacted to this mortuary some blaming citizens for voting in leaders who have failed to perform their duties. Others blamed the NRM claiming that before leaders joined NRM, they were known for integrity and passion for service delivery. Unfortunately, the status changed when they joined NRM.

Screenshota of some of the comments

Who should be blamed for poor delivery of services among our leaders? Should we blame citizens who elected the leaders or blame leaders themselves? Drop your comment.