Ringo: Julia beats up Brenda


Next on Ringo:

When Padilla comments that then Julia also lied in her statement, Julia admits that she did lie because her husband was present. After Pacheco releases Ringo and leaves, Brenda tears into Julia and Ringo. She chides Julia for defending Ringo; how could she cheat on her husband. She then questions how Ringo went from security guard to head of security; there have only been problems ever since he arrived. Brenda then turns to Julia and rants about cheating on her husband with someone like Ringo. When she asks if Julia is that desperate to be with Ringo, Julia slaps her; so, Brenda stomps away.

Turco listens with eyes bugged out as he listens to Gloria’s confession to Max. She admits that she hasn’t been a good mother and she has done so many bad things. When she was married to Ringo, she cheated on him with Turco because she was interested in his money. She also confesses how she drugged Ringo and lied about Ringo hitting her…and how she took Santi out of the country illegally. Julia apologizes to Diego as he packs; she is sorry about how he found out about her night with Ringo. Julia asks him to stay until he feels better, but Diego refuses to stay there and see that trash who she cheated on him with while her father was being kidnapped. Julia chides him for never thinking of her and how she feels…if he wants to leave, then he should GO!! (FINALLY!!)

Santi asks Alejo if Turco can get custody of him; so Alejo assures him that he can’t; he shouldn’t worry. 

Ringo calls Julia since he saw Diego leaving with a bag. Julia tells him that Diego chose to leave. She feels relieved, but also guilty.

Garfias gets a call from Diego who asks to see him. Diego would rather meet at a cafeteria...not in his office.

Guevara introduces Susana to Alejo. When he tells her that he wants to train Alejo, she tells him that Alejo needs to lose weight is he wants to be in the middle weight division. Oso enters and sees Susana who greets him with a hug and a kiss. As they speak, Rosa enters with the green-eyed monster on her shoulder. Susana recognizes her as Rosa la Maravillosa. After Susana comments that she is happy to be working with her old friends, Oso asks to speak to Guevara...in his office!

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