4 Most Protected African Presidents

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Their safety has always been a top priority, from the eras when emperors and kings ruled the world to the current eras where presidents and monarchs lead various nations.

To ensure that they can conduct business and because when they fail, the nation devolves into chaos, there is a constant purposeful effort to shield them from any security threats.

Presidents are given the highest level of protection in contemporary Africa and around the world so that tasks may be carried out effectively, although certain nations, depending on their resources, history, and prestige, spend more to provide their presidents with the finest security they have ever had.

Due to the security situation and the volatility in the nation, presidents occasionally go above and above to spend more on their protection detail.

1. Former Guinean president Alpha Konde was listed first on the list. Alpha Conde had 20 personal bodyguards in addition to the presidential guard, but on October 1, 2021, Col. Mamady Doumbouya, who had been sworn in as Guinea's interim president, managed to break Conde's protection and topple him.

2. Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya is the second name on the list and, given the situation in Guinea, can be regarded as the president of Africa who is best protected.

Kenyatta was born on October 26, 1961, and has been the country's president for the past nine years. He is the fourth president of Kenya and everytime he enters the public eye, a convoy of more than ten fast motorcycles, many fast costly automobiles, a Mercedes Benz X class, and Range Rovers accompany him.

When he travels abroad to do business for his people, he has ten personal security guards with him.

3. Paul Biya, the president of Cameroon since November 6, 1982, is an 89-year-old man and the longest-serving head of state in Africa. He has been the president of Cameroon for the past 37 years, and even within his own nation, he travels with heavily armed security.

According to sources, Paul Biya's security detail always shuts down the stadium when he is watching a game at the 2021 AFCON, preventing anyone from entering or leaving the building while he is there.

He travels in a 500,000 USD armored range rover sentinel. He is one of the best on the continent and rides in his armored limousine on important occasions.

When in public, his car is closely guarded by a fleet of horses that lead his convoy and a group of eight carefully chosen bodyguards who run on foot at either side of his vehicle.

4. El-Sisi Abdel Fattah

In 2014, he was elected president of Egypt, a nation with a long and rich history. He was born on November 19, 1954. Egypt has been under his rule for the past eight years. A 2013 Mercedes S class with a unique black license plate serves as his official presidential vehicle.

Egypt has one of Africa's greatest military forces, making it tough to challenge him in his position as president. His presidential motorcade always consists of high-speed motorcycles, a land cruiser, and a few armored Mercedes Benz. He is protected by more than ten bodyguards.

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