Before going out today, declare this prophetic words of prayer


Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God and is God Himself. Apart from the word of God; the Holy Spirit is there to guide you also. By new birth, you receive an ability to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Activate this by asking the Holy Spirit for instruction, remember, the bible define as sons those led by the Spirit of God. If you're born -again but not led by the Spirit of God, you're still a baby. Being led by the Spirit is the seal of your sonship, it is a mark of spiritual maturity in the faith. When you become a son you begin to manifest as the son.

Let's Pray

1. Holy Spirit come to my life with power today

2. Fire of the Holy Spirit, turn out every negative spirit that is ruling my life.

3. O Lord, send down the rain of fire on to all the works of Satan in my life.

4.Holy Spirit, empower me and give me Victory over the giants of my life. 


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