Where Is Nigeria's Jare Ijalani 2 Years After Being Named Most Beautiful Girl In The World


This Nigerian girl, Jare Ijalana, was two years ago named the most beautiful girl in the world. Her gorgeous looks are capturing the hearts of internet users from the globe over.

Photo: courtesy of the Instagram

Photo courtesy of Instagram

The now eight-year-old and her other two sisters Jobs and Jomiloju have together amassed a wide fanbase on their Instagram account, with slightly over 400,000 followers.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/ @the_j3_sisters

Many of Jare’s Instagram followers confessed that she looks just like a princess, a doll and “an angel” from heaven!

Photo courtesy Instagram/ @mofebamuyiwa

Jare Ijalani is described as an African Barbie, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World," on the Instagram accounts for the three girls, and her amazing images have never gone stopped going viral whenever they post a new photo.

When Mofe Bamuyiwa, a Lagos wedding photographer, Nigeria, took a series of gorgeous pictures when Jare was five years old, she skyrocketed to her fame.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/ @the_j3_sisters

The photographs were really interesting when they were uploaded on her site!

"I could have forced her smile and made her laugh loudly, but I put her through her eyes in her natural time." Mofe wrote next to one of the photos.

"All I want is to see the great potential of Jare for everyone. When she reached her adulthood, I want the photo to speak to her." Mofe told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Everyone is swooning over Jare's attractiveness!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/ @the_j3_sisters

Below are a sample of responses from her fans from Instagram.

“She is just too lovely for this planet. “OMG,” wrote one enthusiast.

Another person said, "She is a beautiful young kid!"

“Beautiful!” exclaimed one admirer. Keep being sweet and innocent as you are. Don't allow your popularity get the best of you. Natural splendor!”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/ @the_j3_sisters

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