Good News To All Examiners And Assessors Following Knec's Latest Move


Plans to ensure the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examination is marked as stipulated are underway despite challenges posted by Coronavirus which has hit the country so hard. Dr Mercy Karogo, the CEO of Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has just released the list of KCSE 2020/2021 examiners and assessors per county and reporting dates.

In a memo addressed to all Deputy County Commissioners DCCs, Mercy Karogo instructs the commissioners to collaborate with the County Directors of Education to organise the cheapest means of transport within six days that will ensure all examiners reach marking centres in time. However, the examiners and assessors expected to pay for the fairs from their pockets.

“The Kenya National Examinations Council KNEC will carry out a confidential National exercise that will involve Knec examiners from your county between 4th April and 10th May 2021 in institutions in Nairobi and its environs." Reads a memo from Knec Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mercy Karogo.

"In liaison with the Sub County Director of Education and TSC Sub County Director, you are kindly requested to organize their transport from the Sub Counties to the County Head Quarters using the cheapest public means. Each person will be expected to meet their travel costs.” Reads part of the document by Mercy.

Examiners will carry with them special permits that will enable them to reach Nairobi as a precaution against Covid-19. These passes will include, National ID, Knec letters indicating one has been invited in the marking exercise and other passes are related to Covid-19. To view the full list of Examiners and Assessors per county, click here.