Nairobi County Dp Governor Ann Kananu Meets With Atwoli And Murathe Ahead Of Her Swearing In

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Nairobi county deputy governor Ann Kananu has Reportedly to have met two most influential and powerful leaders as far as the country's politics is concerned ahead of her swearing in soon.

According to Nyto Mwangi son to Wahome Thuku,Ann kananu met with Francis Atwoli and David Murathe at the Ildamat ranch last night.

Kananu is expected to be sworn in soon after the court gave the go ahead to have her become the next governor of the capital city. This means that Kananu will become the third governor of Nairobi county after Evans Kidero and Mike sonko.

"About last night at Ildamat ranch, Nairobi deputy governor Ann Kananu met with senior deep state members,Francis Atwoli and David Murathe for in-depth briefing and debriefing ahead of her swearing in. Ann Kananu is set to become the third Nairobi county governor after Evans Kidero and Mike sonko. She will be expected to appoint her deputy governor and CECs," Nyto Mwangi wrote on his Facebook page.

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