OPINION: What Raila is Doing Wrong That Might Help Ruto in His Journey to State House

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Ruto's campaigns has been filled with chaos and hate speech from his allies. The chaos were first witnessed when he visited Raila's backyard, Kondele in Kisumu County. The socond one was in Nairobi County.

In his campaigns, he always refer Raila as a person of 'vitendawili' and should not be considered for presidency. He also promises people that he will transform their lives when he becomes the president.

However, there is one thing that Raila and his team is doing wrong that Ruto is enjoying. He has been replying to Ruto's claims. This is something he should avoid completely during his campaigns. He should instead be different and sell his manifestos without mentioning Ruto's name.

When chaos were witnessed in Kisumu, he was accused by Ruto of using youths to disrupt political gatherings. He went ahead and said that Ruto is a small person in politics campared to him. This gave the impression that he replies to Ruto's accusations giving Ruto upper hand in his campaigns.

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