Hon. Ken Ofori Attah Pronounced As The Best Finance Minister In Ghana

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Ken Ofori Attah is the current finance minister of the Republic of Ghana. Recently, he received an award as the overall best finance minister in Ghana. Also he has been credited for his outstanding performance in banking issues.

The Finance Minister has been one of the best ministers so far; everyone can testify to that fact. What is wrong with borrowing? If you borrow for good reason, there’s nothing wrong but when you borrow lavishly for consumption, that is where you have a problem. We the NPP always borrow for good reasons because the recent project has demonstrated that, it’s a bankable project. It has a payback period of 10 years. So, if you borrow to finance a bankable project that has shown all levels of bankability, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. The Finance Minister has done extremely well. I think that, so far he’s been one of the best Finance Minister we’ve seen in the 4th republic.

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