Start and end your day with a smile. Check out these funny jokes and memes.


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Let try to create smiles on each other’s face since it helps to make us happy all the time. It also goes a long way to help the sad and distressed to rise back to their feet.

1.Convert your salary into US dollars, you will realize and understand that in Ghana, we are just playing and waiting for judgement day. It is just as simple as that.

2.Today is Exactly four years Satan tempted me to press a lady soldier’s buttocks at a soldier barracks. Thank God I overcame it. Satan is a liar. Like by this time, I have joined my ancestors.

3.Broken heart during examination can let you submit your desk, pen, mathematical set, ruler and pencil instead of examination paper. But it will reach everyone too so be ready for it.

4.I don't really fight for relationship but for this one, I am Jackie chan. Trust me.

5.Short girls hardly apologize. Maybe It is because they can't see their mistakes. Isn’t that true?

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