When 2 Men Claim Ownership Of An Unborn Child, Here Is How It Is Settled Traditionally In Kabowei

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It is always a good thing for children to be born. It calls for celebrations in the family. The Ijaws celebrate the birth of a child in a unique way. The scenario is different when two men claim ownership of an unborn child. It is difficult to know the father of an unborn child traditionally except using scientific knowledge. But traditionally, the people of Kabowei have a way they use in determining who the real father of the unborn child is. In the Ijaw clan of Kabowei, such matters are settled traditionally by carrying out some actions.

When two men are having dispute over an unborn child, probably they both knew her intimately, the matter is brought before the council of elders to decide the matter. If it was discovered that they both had her almost the same time, the elders recommend the traditional process. This process involves calling on the ancestors for help.

The two men are asked to go back home and wait till the day when the child will be born. On the day of delivery, the men will be present in the environment where the child is to be born. The men will buy a bottle of local gin and then pour libations to their ancestors to ask for their help to reveal who the real father is. The two men do not do it together but separately.

When the woman is in labour, the two men will begin to pray to their ancestors to deliver the child. The prayer is done this way; 'if the child is mine, let it come out immediately but if its not, let it remain in the womb'.

If truly the child is for one of them, the moment he prays that the child should come out, the child comes out immediately. If the child is not his the child remains showing it is not his own.

This practice is done by the Kabowei people.

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