Don't Live In This World Without A Spiritual Father, It's A Mistake


The world is the atmosphere for all living and nonliving things. GOD created the world and all the things in it. GOD is a spirit hence the world was designed spiritually before manifesting physically. A lot of things happened even before humans were created. Things about Angels and demons etc. Biblically the world was first occupied by spirits even before the existence of humans.

Spiritual Father is a person who is mainly devoted to Spiritual affairs and also plays a vital role in the counseling and guidance of his followers, members, association etc. They can be prophets, pastors, imams,etc. Living without a spiritual Father is a mistake both spiritually and physically and here are the main reasons why;

* Spiritual Father serves as an intermediate between you and GOD: This might seems so controversial for you that's why you should be patience and continue reading. Truthfully, Jesus Christ is the main passage to GOD. But GOD HIMSELF in HIS own WILL chose and appointed some people to work specially for HIM (GOD). These people hold special covenant with GOD and possess special anointing. They are the true Prophets, pastors, evangelists etc. Mind you, GOD really acknowledges them before you. It's like a country where the president really acknowledges his ministers and ambassadors than the ordinary citizens. Passing through a minister to see the president is much easier than going to meet on your own so as passing through your Spiritual Father to reach Jesus Christ/GOD is much easier than your own ways.

* Spiritual Father serves as an emblem of protection: As said earlier, Spiritual fathers are mostly devoted to spiritualities. They are specially chosen by GOD and they work on the directives of GOD. Just as Angels in Spiritual, Spiritual fathers are associated with humans affair. Because of their special covenant and anointing they possess, GOD speaks through them to people. Spiritual fathers provide glues and directions in the field of protection. Biblically humans greatest enemies are with the Spiritual realms, just as the Bible quoted "we wrestle not with blood but with principalities,demons etc that we cannot see". Spiritual fathers stand in place of us, get the alert from GOD on dangers before and ahead of people (mainly their members) and pray to intercede for protection on behalf of their members. According to one occultist, the most weakest and most spiritually accessible(easy to attack)people are those without Spiritual fathers.

* Spiritual father serves as an emblem of guidance: In the aspect to guidance, spiritual fathers hear from GOD on things which will be perfect for us. In marriage decisions, Job decisions, relocation decisions, health and surgical decisions, travelling decisions and among others, Spiritual fathers consult GOD on the best decisions for their members. A lot of decisions seems good in our eyes yet they mostly end up been calamities. Seeking your Spiritual father's guidance gives the perfect decision because they seek GOD'S directives for us.

* Spiritual father serves as an emblem of blessings: Spiritual fathers greatest strength is in the field of GOD's blessings. Because of the special anointing they possess, they mostly serves as the main source in achieving our blessings. Biblically most great men were associated with Spiritual fathers. Their anointing and ordainment on these people made them great. Saul, David, Sampson etc were all beneficiaries. Prophet Samuel anointed Saul and David to become Kings of Isreal and he was their spiritual father too. Moses through the anointing of GOD was a Spiritual father to the Isrealites. Through GOD's directives, Moses fled and led the Isrealites from the Egyptians which became blessings to them.

A lot of billionaires and rich men we hear and see of them today made it through a spiritual person who later became their Spiritual fathers. Prophet Idahosa( a famous Nigerian man of GOD of blessed memory) once anointed Dangote(richest man in Africa) in a plane. Through his anointing, Dangote became a billionaire and Idahosa his spiritual father. Most rich men after getting plans for a new project consult their Spiritual fathers on Spiritual affairs relating to the project and on any directives to make their projects successful and massive. A lot of white billionaires mostly visit Isreal not for vacation or business meetings but to consult their Spiritual fathers (mostly Jewish) for directives.

You can pray on your own, work hard, fast and live righteously but without a spiritual father you will pass through a lot. GOD really values Spiritual fathers and HE connects Spiritual fathers a lot especially in times of danger and blessings concerning people.

The question is, DO YOU HAVE A SPIRITUAL FATHER?? If yes then WHO IS YOUR SPIRITUAL FATHER?? If no then pray to GOD to reveal and introduce you to yours. Don't take things for granted...the world is much more 90% Spiritual and 10% physical.

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