How will Ghana Education Service compensate for contract hours lost for SHS2 Track Gold - Johnny


How will Ghana Education Service compensate for contract hours lost for SHS2 Track Gold - Johnny Hughes 

Senior High School Students in track Gold has lost contract hours more than any track in the Senior High School. These students had the whole first year wiped off due to COVID-19 lock down. The SHS2 track Gold students reported to school for their first year, first semester less than a week and schools were shutdown due to COVID-19 pandemic, the whole academic year wasted and the students were promoted to form two without any examination. Students entered school for less than a week and were promoted to form two without learning any topic in the Senior High School form one syllabus.

The track Gold Senior High School Students who reported to school with the SHS2 Gold students were asked to go home for Easter break, returned from Easter break for a week just to be sent back home home again. According Johnny Hughes he know a parent who spent three hundred Ghana cedis to send the child to school and paid the same three hundred Ghana cedis for her child to go home for Easter break and later paid additional 300 Ghana cedis, how much does free Senior High School pay for students every year? This is unfair to parents. 

If parents of these students does not have money to pay for extra classes for them, these students are going to fall short in writing the West African Senior School Certificate Examination(WASSCE). 

Critical question that has been asked is "What about the contract hours the students have lost, How is the Ghana Education Service going to compensate for it? and how do we make sure that, we dont disadvantaged those students all in the name of given them free education. These are the conversations we must have without political colors, when this matter come up then political land guards and political defenders will come on social media to defend, some of these political land gurds have no children in school, some of them dont even pay taxes, they just get three Ghana cedis to buy internet data just to defend rubbish on social media and the real parents will pay for their blunts. When we talk, they say we should shut up, " You putting our educational system in the mess, is that the kind of education you had? Change your life.


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