Common Diseases That Have Caused Misunderstandings Amongst Couples

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The most misunderstood infections among the couples are the Urinary Tract Infections (UTI). Whenever one mentions this infection, one thinks of how it was acquired, and accussations starts from here and this is where we go wrong.

There is a difference between a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and a Urinary Tract Infection. In as much as both affect the reproductive organs/system, the way one obtains the infection varies.

The UTI is hygiene related, commonly caused by bacteria and affects the urethra, bladder and the kidneys. Moreover, the STDs are acquired through an intercouse, though it affects the same parts as UTI, but it's presentation in terms and signs slightly differ.

It is therefore important that couples meet their medical Doctor together and get the right diagnosis before engaging in unhealthy discussions. Most of the accusatios have ruined good marriages when indeed their was nothing wrong.

It is therefore important that couples practice good hygiene and also protect themselves from engaging in the things that might cost their marriages. Be faithful to your partner and br open to discuss to the matters of your health.

Common signs that indicate that one has UTI infections are;

1. Pain above the public bone

2. Having a burning sensation while urinating.

3. Wanting to urinate more oftenly and in droplets.

4. Cloudy, bloody and smelly urine.

5. Men have a blocked urethra and find it difficult to urinate.

Once you realise this symptoms, then you have to seek medical attention.

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