3 Things Chelsea Are Doing In The Premier League This Season

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It's an exciting moment to be a Chelsea fans this season, with the team's impressive display across all competition, most especially in the Premier League.

No other Premier League team has performed better than Chelsea this season so far, as they are currently sitting comfortably at the top of the league table with 22 points from a possible 27.

Their impressive display in the Premier League this season has made them being tagged as the team to beat for the Premier League crown.

Chelsea has brought excitement to their fans this season, and would hope to crown their impressive performances with the Premier League title at the end of this season.

In this article, we will be bringing to your notice the three exciting things Chelsea are doing in the Premier League this season.

1. Making Winning Look Easy

As it is known, that the Premier League is arguably the most competitive league in the world, and even the big clubs are not guaranteed of winning every game.

But this season so far, Chelsea has made the Premier League look less competitive with their spectacular performances in every game this season.

They dominated almost all games they have played this season, only dropping points against Liverpool and Manchester City so far.

The Chelsea team are playing with so much confidence, and are fearless against big teams. It is looking like they will be having an easy run to the Premier League title this season, as they seem unstoppable.

2. Playing Attractive Football

Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea side plays one of the best attractive football in the league, as they play good possession football, and also produce plenty goals in their games.

Despite Chelsea defensive solidity, it didn't affect their attacking instincts. Currently Chelsea are the best attacking team in the Premier League with 23 goals scored, and are the best defensive team with only three goals conceded.

They have a proper balance of attack and defense, which gives them the freedom to play entertaining football.

3. Keeping Clean Sheets

The ability of preventing opponents from scoring goals, is another exciting thing about Chelsea this season.

No Premier League team has kept more clean sheets than Chelsea this season. Chelsea has stopped their opponents from scoring against them on six different games, out of nine games.

The act of scoring goals and keeping clean sheets bring so much excitement to the fans.

Which other exciting things does Chelsea do this season?

Drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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