Eve Mungai Elicits Reactions After Posting Picture of Her Parents For The First Time on Social Media

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Kenyan famous YouTuber, Ever Mungai have shared a picture of her parents for the first time on social media platform. The twenty one year old content creator elicits reactions from netizens who were surprised to see her parents for the first time. Mungai has been on the limelight for sometime now. This is since her YouTube video went viral. Well, just a few minutes ago the YouTuber decided to show the public a picture of her parents.

Eve Mungai had earlier revealed that she does not like to share her personal life on social media. Well, it seems like the influencer thought otherwise after she posted a picture of her mother and father on Instagram stories. Eve shared the picture then added a caption stating: 'Mom and Dad'.

Eve went ahead and posted a video of her parents showing affection to each other. Netizens did not hesitate to react. Majority commented on how young Eve's parents are. Here is the full post.

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