Nadia Buari flaunts one of her twin daughter’s hair on her Instagram page.


Nadia Buari shared videos and photos of one of her twin daughters that caused massive traffic on the media.

Gorgeous inter country actress, Nadia Buari has stunned the media with beautiful pictures of one of her beautiful twin daughter’s hair on her Instagram page. Nadia’s daughter has got long smooth curly hair on her scalp that lots of Ghanaians are admiring.

Most Ghanaians are wondering as to whether that’s her real her or there is an addition but truth be told, that’s the real her of the girl. Aside her hair, the young girl is very beautiful.

The hair has got many people giving positive comment and how she managed get this for her daughter so that they would be able to adopt and do same for their children.

Others too were like it was an attachment but it’s very real all jokes aside.

You can also check these stunning pictures on her Instagram page: iamnadiabuari.