Opinion|| No Trust On Their Leadership, Inkatha Brings Back Sokalise To Boost Their Campaign

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Having to convince someone or people to do something needs a strong and respected leader to do so, especially in the African culture. As we all are aware that political parties are busy with their campaigns for the local Government elections and every party is promising honey and milk. The Inkatha Freedom Party is also making its rounds of campaigns, and they have decided to add their retired leader Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi to remind their supporters where they came from. The retired Prince will lead the upcoming elections Campaigns. The IFP supporters loved their leader by seeing him talk to them in his old age some old memories will be revived and many will opt for the IFP.

The Prince has been on his feet doing all he can to stop the feud in the Royal family, and this is because he has vast knowledge when it comes to leadership and knowing the Zulu traditions. Many people will agree that the KwaZulu- Natal region respects the former leader and will honor him by listening to what he has to say. He was there during the mourning of the late Zulu King giving counsel to all the family members even the ANC officials in that region fear the Prince. They believe the Royal Family has somewhat endorsed the IFP as they saw Buthelezi handling the Royal family affairs so well and with experience.

The party has since put posters all over the country with the face of the icon the current leaders are still inexperienced when it comes to leadership. People always say grey hair is a sign of wisdom, and to confirm that the IFP decided to let the former leader be the face of the IFP. Buthelezi took life in 2017 after leading the IFP for over 40 years. The reason for the party to bring him back is their strategy to get more support for the IFP. He has been adored by many supporters by putting him in front will help the party to get more votes.

The current leader is just refusing him to go completely, as it shows that they still need him. Bringing him to the forefront is important to the party. The act of the new party leaders is a sign to say please help us, we need you in this time of the party's history. Strategies are good if the people behind the planning are studied and come to a conclusion. If the IFP wins many will be happy but if it loses they will still blame those people who suggested the use of the former leader for campaigns. We wish the IFP all the best in their upcoming campaigns and elections.

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