China Breeds Cockroaches and uses them for medicine and as food

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When some other countries are busy fighting cockroaches and making sure that they produce chemicals that will be able to kill cockroaches, China is using them for a good cause.

China is using cockroaches for medicine and also for food to those who love eating them and this is something that in the end might help most of the people around the globe.

China has got factories that are rising at very quick rate and they are making sure that they save and breed a lot of cockroaches so that they can use them for medicine.

Those people who are doing this breeding have alluded that there are some parts of the cockroach which they can use to create medicine that can try in curing headache and other pains.

In summary they’re saying that they will be extracting a small portion of the cockroaches to use them to create remedies that will help people.

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