The African tribe where men compete to be the fattest


Whenever people notice that a person is getting too fat, they begin to caution the person to exercise and change his/her diet, it's not a crime to be fat, however, being too fat or obese is considered to be unhealthy in most cases. While a lot of people are trying to keep fit and maintain healthy body size, there is an African tribe where men compete to be the fattest.

Meet the Bodi Tribe

One thing that makes Africa highly unique is that there are a lot of tribes that have different cultures that make them special. The Bodi Tribe is located in Ethiopia, the Bodi people are known for organizing a competition where they reward the fattest young man among the tribe. They usually carry out this competition during an event known as Ka'el where the young men will cover themselves in clay and walk or run around a tree. While the young men do this, some judges watch them and select the winner of the competition. The winner of the competition will then be tagged as a hero and he carries this title forever. After the competition, the men lose weight as a result of not taking the mixture they took to gain weight. Other young men are selected and the competition starts all over again.

How do thee men get fat?

The young men's fatness comes from taking a mixture of cow blood and milk, they take this mixture for about 6 months. It is this mixture that makes the Bodi men fat and it is usually prepared by the women, the men have to drink about 2 litres of this mixture although it is not all the men that can take up to 2 litres of the mixture.

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