Unisa students are not allowed to get R350s and EA jobs.click to find out why

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Unisa students are not happy wih SAs government.

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Unisa is a University of South Africa which offers long distance learning. Many students in his university use to be people who are already working full time but it has change and mostly accommodate young people and mostly who are unemployed.

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Unisa students who unemployed have raised their complaints about not having a basic income in their homes and they cannot sustain their lives with the R290 stipend which they get from NSFAS.

Unisa students are not happy for not qualifying for the SRD grant which is R250 and for not qualifying to apply for the Education Assistant jobs.

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They think the government is not being fair with them because they lose many opportunities because of the stipend they receive from Nsfas.

Not all the students receive this R290 stipend it is stated that you only get R290 if you have registered 10 modules per year wih the institution.

In my opinion i hink the government should allow them to apply for the EAs opportunity to get an income even if it's not much but it will definitely make a difference to their lives.



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