Why The Use Of Fork In Eating Eba And Other Staples Is Wrong

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In the past years, the use of fork in eating staples or what we know as African swallows wasn't really a common thing. Everyone naturally preferred the use of their bare hands the dig out a bite of the swallow. Interestingly, the use of fork in eating these staples has gradually become a common table practice in recent years. 

Personally, I think the use of forks to eat things like eba seems too foreign and people who do these are in a way trying to act modern or imitate the white people who use cutlery in many of their dishes. Others do this in the hopes of looking posh and trying to look like an 'ajebutter'. Still others adopt this practice just because they think using their hands to eat swallows in occasions like a wedding party or other big parties seems quite rough. Whatever the reason, I think it is wrong to use fork to eat African staples. And I'll explain why.

There's great need to chip in an explanation with a good example. Look at it this way: why don't the white people use fork to eat chicken and chips? Or use spoon to fetch out the fillings from their hamburger or meat pie? It's this simple: they understand that chicken and chips or hamburger and meat pies are foods native to their homeland and it requires you eating them with bare hands. Doesn't it make their hands get messy? It does. But that's how they've been enjoying these meals throughout their history. In the same vein, meals like Eba and Egusi or Amala and Ewedu are native to our homeland. We have been eating these meals with our bare hands throughout history. So why should we try to start adopting the use of cutlery in eating staples all of a sudden? It really makes no culinary sense. 

Most people can agree with me that eating eba and egusi or semo and ewedu with bare hands taste a lot better than eating them with forks.

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