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ARVs are not always the same to everyone you can use the same product but they will react in a different way. That's why you will find out that there's people who become more fat when they're taking ARVs, while others they become too thin. So if you have a problem of losing appetite after taking this pills. I will solve your problem completely today because you're in a right place.


If ARVs cause you to lose appetite you have to buy Cipla actin, they're good in returning your appetite. They're not expensive at all, all you need to do is to take 1 tablet together with your ARV before bed. You have to make sure you use it before bedtime don't drinks it in the morning because it will make you drowsy.

It's very important to take multivitamin along with your ARVs to make yourself strong and healthy since nowadays there's a lots of sickness, your body need to be strong and fit to fight all sickness that comes in your body.

The other thing you have to gym everyday it's make your body stronger. Stay away from alcohol and smoking, smoking is not good for your health. Stay away from energy drinks they are dangerous for your health. Eating healthy food all the time is advisable, vegetables and fruits.

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