Important - How to Study an Extra Unit at Kenyatta University

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If you intend to study at Kenyatta University or if you are currently enrolled in the system chances are that you will at some point be obligated to register your units for the semester at hand. We normally have two semesters in an academic year. Below is a step by step guide on how to achieve that.

How to Register for an Extra Unit

All students have a responsibility of following up on their academic progress as well as ensuring that they register their units in good time failure to which they will be required to call off the semester. At KU it is the norm to register and study a maximum of 7 units in a particular given semester but sometimes circumstances may force students to add an extra unit – there are exceptional situations where one may be allowed to register an extra unit on top of the traditional 7 units per semester.

These are the steps you need to take to register

Disclaimer: For a student to be allowed to register for an additional unit, he or she should be having a GPA of above 60 or an equivalent of a B plain that has been verified at the dean’s office of your specific school.

1.     Reach out or physically visit your dean’s office and elaborate to him about your reasons for wanting to add an extra unit.

2.     Request the dean to have your transcript printed so as to verify that you qualify to study an extra unit. (Having a GPA of 60+)

3.     Make a payment of ksh 2,000 at the finance department for the unit in question

4.     Purchase an extra unit registration form from the institutions’ shopping Centre situated next to CH or cinema hall

5.     Write a detailed letter to the registrar (academics) giving precise reasons for wanting to add an extra unit

6.     Visit your particular school and register there the unit


What do you think about the process of registering for an extra unit, have you tried it before? Let us know in the comments section







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