Good News To The County Staff Of Nandi County After The County Government Made The Following Move

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Nandi County is one of counties located in the North Rift of Kenya, occupying an area of 2,884.4 square kilometres. Its capital, Kapsabet, is the largest town in the county while other towns include Mosoriot, Tinderet, Kobujoi, Kaiboi, Kabiyet and Nandi Hills. According to a 2019 census, the county had a population of 885,711,made up of a number of Kenyan communities, the majority of whom belong to the native tribe called Nandi.

With the economic hardships caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, several employees in various sectors of institutions. County Government officials were not too left to chance.

some employees were retrenched and some were even fired while some went without payment.

Like any other Counties, Nandi County also faced some challenges in terms of wage bill.

However, during a key consultative meeting between Governor Sang with the staff members of Nandi County, Governor Sang said that he will improve the contract terms.

Governor Sang said that, "Improvement of our staff's terms of service and their welfare remains top in our agenda. This will consequently ensure improved and effective service delivery. "

This is good news to the Government employees since their terms have been improved.

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