Best And Worst Foods For The Vagina Health

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It is worth remembering that even fruits with a high glycemic index can alter the vaginal microbiota. There are also some studies that cite biological ferments (breads, beer, wine, vinegar, cheese, canned foods, sausages and mushrooms) for increasing the risk of cases of candidiasis, exactly because they stimulate the fungal proliferation. Below, see which foods you should bet and which should avoid to ensure that your intimate area remains very healthy.

Low glycemic index

Foods with a high glycemic index are bad for the vagina, so prioritize those with a low index. The glycemic index measures the time it takes for the carbohydrate in a food to be absorbed by the intestine. The faster this absorption, the greater the capacity of this food to generate insulin peaks in the organism, which harm the vaginal flora. Therefore, try to consume fruits and vegetables with this characteristic, substitute refined foods for whole-grain foods and reduce the use of sugar.


The term probiotic comes from the Greek and means "pro-life", and is the antonym of antibiotic, which means "against life". These foods have been studied a lot in the last years because of the benefits they provide to the intestinal flora, but an improvement in genital and urinary tract infections has also been perceived with their use, especially in immunocompromised patients such as HIV carriers whose tendency is to have recurrent infections. They can be ingested in the consumption of milk, yoghurts, fermented cheeses.

In this way the action of probiotics helps to prevent and treat immunostimulant diseases. Several microorganisms are used as probiotics, among them lactic acid bacteria, non-lactic acid bacteria and yeast.

In addition to benefiting the vagina, probiotics also enhance the nutritional value of other foods, strengthen immunity and assist in the digestion of lactose. These foods balance the pH, helping to maintain the usual microbiome of the woman, thus hindering the exacerbated growth of an opportunistic germ or even one of those that make up the vaginal flora.

However, every case needs to be carefully analyzed. It is important to remember that excessive consumption of these items, whether by food or medication, can be potentially harmful. The ideal amount should be individualized.

Foods your vagina needs for better health






Dar leafy green vegetables;

Sweet potato;

Citrus fruits (orange, lemon);

Dried plum;







How do I know if my diet is damaging vaginal health?

Observe the signs that your intimate area gives to know how your vaginal health is and, mainly, if your meals may be affecting this area of your body. Your diet may be influencing the vagina in case you notice the recurrence of vaginal infections, especially if there is an empirical perception of improvement with some changes in food habits. Do the test and, if you notice something wrong, seek medical help.

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