Cost Of Purchasing a 50kg Bag Of Cement In Kenyan Shillings


Hello guys and welcome again to this article. Here, we are going to check on the amount of money one needs in order to buy the cheapest 50kg bag of cement. Cement is commonly used during building and construction of houses, premises, shops, and many more other buildings.

Currently in Kenya, cement is one of the most purchased goods in Kenya. If you want to purchase cement, you can either visit a hardware or the cement company itself. Incase you want to purchase cement at a cheap price, you can either visit the cheapest hardware or buy the cement in bulk.

As per now in Kenya, the cost of purchasing the cheapest 50kg bag of cement runs from approximately between 550 Kenyan Shillings (minimum) to 700 Kenyan Shillings (maximum). The prices may sometimes vary depending on the place you purchased or the current market price.

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